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Multipurpose Boxes with Lids_MB SERIES

  • Model:MB _Multipurpose Boxes

Product Introduction

These boxes are moulded in ABS to give maximum strength and to produce a professional looking product which can be easily punched or drilled for individual requirements. They are available in black, white or light grey as standard with other RAL colours available on request. All but MB4, MB6 and MB7 have a polished finish. Printed circuit board slots (ribs) are also provided on all models except MB6. The lids are retained by M3.5 countersunk screws into brass inserts.

                 MB SERIES DATASHEET

We can machine, drill, punch and generally customise any of our boxes to suit your individual requirements.
We can mould most of our cases in a different material and offer over 200 RAL colour combinations.
We can also arrange silk screen printing to your design.

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