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Flanged Boxes with Base &Slotted Mounting lugs_PBL

  • Model:PBL04/PBL06/PBL1/PBL08
  • Specification:general purpose boxes moulded in black ABS,for housing small electronic circuits
  • Plastic Enclosure,PBL series Flanged,Alarm /Automotive ,Multipurpose, ABS

Product Introduction

Low cost general purpose boxes moulded in black ABS for housing small electronic circuits which can be easily punched or drilled for individual requirements. The slotted lugs allow for fixing of the finished product.
Bases on the PBL04, PBL06 and PBL1 are intended as an interference push fit but could be glued to provide a secure housing. Bases on the PBL08 and PBL09 are retained by the 4 stainless steel screws provided.
Originally designed for automobile applications, but versatile enough for a variety of projects.
                      PBL SERIES DATASHEET

We can machine, drill, punch and generally customise any of our boxes to suit your individual requirements.
We can mould most of our cases in a different material and offer over 200 RAL colour combinations.
We can also arrange silk screen printing to your design.

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