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BC3&BC5_Hand Held Boxes with Battery Compartment

  • Model:BC3&BC5_Hand Held Boxes
  • HandHeld with Battery Compartment &Separate cover

Product Introduction

BC3 is a small hand held case with the following features:
  • No fixing screws visible to spoil the final product
  • Total internal area useable 60 × 65 mm
  • Smart in appearance
  •  Movable front panel for ease of manufacture
  • Relatively low cost
  • Hand-held ABS cases for portable / pocket equipment
  •  Integral battery compartment to house PP3 battery with removable lid

Smart looking case moulded in high-impact black, white or grey ABS with integral PP3 battery compartment accessible by a separate removable cover. The two main halves of the case are held together by two self tapping screws (supplied) which are concealed by the battery cover.
The integral bezel and front cover can be removed for ease of manufacture. The overall finish of the case is matt with a polished front panel. 


We can machine, drill, punch and generally customise any of our boxes to suit your individual requirements.
We can mould most of our cases in a different material and offer over 200 RAL colour combinations.
We can also arrange silk screen printing to your design.

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